Michael Macklin was a poet and longtime board member of the MWPA. Even on a board that included many other writers and poets, Michael was the big, soulful poetic heart of the board. Michael passed unexpectedly in May 2012 while chaperoning a group of students at the New England Young Writers Conference.

To honor Michael’s enthusiastic dedication to the development of young writers and spread his infectious love of poetry and writing, the MWPA has established the Michael Macklin Scholarship for Young Maine Writers. The scholarships will support two Maine high school students, one boy and one girl, to attend the Longfellow Young Writers’ Workshop each July at the University of Maine at Farmington. The scholarship program sent its first young scholars to the Longfellow Young Writers’ Workshop in July 2014.


2018 Alexandra Walsh of Presque Isle and Samual Kowal of Wellington.
2017 Hannah Mathieu (Temple Academy) and Cameron Wood (Deering High School)
2016 Ella Boyd and Marisa Mizzoni
2015  Samuel Farnham and Eavan Sibole-Little
2014  Sarah Libby and Collin Winkel


To learn more about this scholarship and apply, visit the University of Maine at Farmington’s Longfellow Young Writers’ Workshop page.


Michael Macklin  served for years on the MWPA’s board of directors. He received his MFA from Vermont College and published poems in the Cafe Review, The Aurorean, Animus, Rattle and other journals, and several anthologies. Michael served as the reviews editor of the Cafe Review, an international literary journal based in Portland. His collection Driftland was published by Moon Pie Press in 2004.

“There is great wisdom in these poems – the wisdom of one who has thought long and hard, who is unafraid of love, grief, solitude, mystery, and all of the subtleties of the human heart. The knowledge Macklin has of work, of earth, machine and tool, is enacted in the music of these finely crafted poems. Like all good poems, they make us more alive – both to the world and what’s beyond. ” —Betsy Sholl (Maine Poet Laureate 2006-2011) on Macklin’s Driftland

Before Coffee

Every morning the dark-robed crows
congregate in the pines at the edge of my yard,
sitting in small groups grumbling
until I step onto the lighted porch.

They grow quiet as monks,
cock their heads and mumble
perhaps in Latin
and we share an early prayer,
a magnificat for another day.

All winter we have met like this at dawn,
wind fluttering their black cassocks
as they peer down their noses
to view me at my lessons.

For a moment we inhale the crackling air
until they rattle with impatience, cackle
at my feeble attempts to see the face of God,
and the old men in the trees fly off.

+ READ Michael Macklin, 62, poet and teacher with ‘a love for learning’Portland Press Herald


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