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MWPA’s Writing Critique Match-Up Program

Give /ɡiv/ verb
freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone); hand over to.

Take /tāk/ verb
lay hold of (something) with one’s hands; reach for and hold.

Give & Take is a members-only benefit that connects writers of all levels who are interested in working with a critique partner to have their own work critiqued and to critique others’ work. Give & Take provides an opportunity for writers to both become more effective at assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a piece of writing, and to receive feedback on their own work. Give & Take is an equal exchange: an exchange of time, effort, and close reading.

While the goal of Give & Take is to match all writers who apply with a partner, in rare instances matches are not possible.


  • Current application period: December 1-31, 2017
  • Next application period: April 1-30, 2018


  • Before applying to the program through the online application form below, writers must have a completed draft (or drafts) that they would like critiqued; a portion of a longer work—such as finished chapters of a novel or memoir—may be considered “completed” but please be sure to select the appropriate word-count on the application: not the total anticipated word-count of the finished book but the word-count of the portion you would like critiqued.
  • The MWPA will supply guidelines for helpful critiques (below). Give & Take offers the chance to learn from a peer—there are no instructors or formal workshops. Writers improve their ability to evaluate their own work by noticing what works and doesn’t work in someone else’s.
  • The MWPA matches writers and provides contact information. Partners will decide together how many times they will share work, deadlines, and when/where they will meet (if meeting in person). We suggest that if you meet in person, you choose a public place such as a café or public library.
  • Each applicant will receive one partner match per application period. Partners may decide for any reason to discontinue working at any time, however they will have to wait until the next application period to reapply for a new match.
  • Writers should keep in mind that submitting an application is a commitment—if you need to withdraw from the program after receiving a critique partner, you will be letting your partner down.