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Androscoggin County


**Alice Haines
Interested in forming a group of 4 to 8 poets (intermediate to advanced) to meet in order to read aloud and workshop/critique/respond to each other’s work. Locations to meet: within 45 minute drive of Lewiston/Auburn. Times: monthly on a weekday, late afternoon or evening.

Alice Haines
Day: 207.212.4789/Evening: 207.784.4821

Aroostook County


**Larry Bubar
We meet in the Caribou Library on tues. at 5:30pm. We have writers from Presque Isle, Caribou, New Burnswick and other places in the area. There is no age limit, we have a member that is 13. We have no set area of writing. We have writers that write poetry, young adult, children’s books and novel across a wide spectrum of topics. We offer honest advice and help without judgment. All comments are to help the writer improve their work and skills but not set in stone, in other words one may accept or reject input from others. We also have all levels of writers from beginners to published authors.

Larry Bubar


The Shiretown Scribes
The Shiretown Scribes is an open forum writers’ group that gathers at Visions, a local art gallery in Houlton, on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month, September through June. Writing styles include poetry, short stories, memoirs and selections from an autobiography, currently being put together by one of our members. Selections tend to be nonfiction, but works of fiction appear from time to time and are also welcome. We encourage members of the public to come and listen to the works we share.

Marc A. Arnts
207.532.2131 ex. 248


**Northern Aroostook Writer’s Group
We are a small group from a rural region with experienced and novice writers covering multiple genres. Each month, one or more writers will submit their work for others to read and provide constructive critique at the next meeting. Our goal is to encourage members to complete their writing projects for submission and publication. Guidelines for member’s participation are forthcoming, but you are welcome to attend our sessions to socialize and enjoy the local humor and moose stories. Meets at the Oriental Pearl, Main Street, 6:00 First Wednesday of the Month

JoAnne Putnam

Cumberland County


Falmouth Writers Workshop
Meets the third Wednesday of every month at the Merrill Memorial Library, 215 Main Street, Yarmouth, ME at 6:30-8:30 PM.

The focus of each workshop is on critiquing work submitted by its members. Its main aim is to help authors to improve their craft through peer review and discussion. We accept all genres of writing for consideration. To participate fully, join the PWGM Writers Social Group on Facebook, sign up to attend SWW, and submit a piece of your writing. You will find PWGM’s submission guidelines on

You are welcome to attend without joining PWGM’s Social Group or submitting files. Feel free to come, make new friends, and enjoy a pleasant evening of discussing writing submitted to the workshop for review.

Stuart Haddon


Freeport Unscripted
We are a diverse group of writers in genre, style and age, bound together by our love of writing. Members bring a desire to write and learn. They also provide an open ear to offer support and render honest, caring feedback. We find that every meeting brings surprises, and we would welcome a few new members. We meet Monday afternoons in the Freeport Community Library, our sponsor.

Pam Blake


Artful Writing Collective
Meets two Tuesdays a month at the University of Southern Maine Glickman Library on Forest Ave. from 6:30 to 8:30. There is parking behind the library off Bedford St.   

We focus on finished or near-finished pieces in all genres and lengths, from short shorts to novels, drama and poetry. Members submit work for critique to the group between meetings so we can focus on analysis.  Currently, the emphasis is on writers seeking to publish. Critique focuses on honing your intention, style, techniques and objectives.

We have spaces available as the group is being reactivated after a hiatus.  To ask questions or try us out, contact:   

Michele Cheung

Dream in Sprinkles
Open to anyone of any level/genre. Will be critiquing the work that we are working on. Discussing what made the great authors great and how we can incorporate certain elements into our work that they used to be published or if you are what worked for you. Have warm up writing activities. Have other one other activity at the end. Group will last one hour and a half and will meet at the Glickman Library 1 Saturday a month. From 1-2:30pm.

Andriana Colucci

**Gustin Kiffney
Our group has had a couple of novelists, three short story writers, a screenwriter, and a cookbook author. Genres have included action/war stories, horror & suspense, metaphysical crime, and healthy, easy to prepare recipes. We’re open to pretty much anything, fiction or nonfiction, except grisly horror and erotica, not because we’re against those genres, but I’m personally a tad squeamish. We meet once a month (currently the Westbrook library, usually on the second Tuesday) to share critiques of work that has been previously stored on our shared internet folder. If you’re interested, you could share an excerpt of your work, you could look at the work we’re currently critiquing, and we’d go from there.

Gustin Kiffney

Letter Writers
Cross-training for writers: letter writing. The goal of the group would be practice writing in a different form (letter writing), to gather and share ideas for what to write about, exchange stationery, and write at least one letter, maybe more, during each gathering. Letter writing can include letters of gratitude, friendly notes, storytelling, and love letters. The group would be encouraged to start their letters on scratch paper, then edit and rewrite before committing to more formal stationery.

Christine Richards

The Pine Cone Writers’ Den
Meets monthly. Capped at eight members, but members cycle in and out. Genres include fiction, memoir, and essays.

Bryan Wiggins

**Portland Writers Workshop
The first Tuesday of every month at Books-A-Millon, 430 Gorham Rd, South Portland, ME at 6:30-8:30PM. The focus of the workshop is to help authors improve their craft through peer review and discussion. All genres of writing will be accepted: poetry, memoir, fiction and non-fiction. Portland Writers Workshop (PWW) features a brief discussion on topics such as character development, point of view and story structure. Writers are welcome to read short pieces of their work and, to assist in this, the host will post a list of writing prompts on PWGM’s Facebook page. Writers will also be able to post submissions as files on the Facebook page to facilitate feedback by email, and at meetings. If you are not already a member of PWGM: Writers’ Social Group on Facebook please consider joining and signing up to attend PWW’s meetings. You are welcome to attend as a guest without joining PWGM, but it would be appreciated if you would let the host know you are coming.

Dale Wilson


Jillian Hanson
For poets mid-beginner to advanced level in the Windham/Raymond/Casco/Naples/Bridgton area, who would like to meet regularly to workshop our own poems; read and discuss poems and poetry forms that inspire or spark new ideas; share notes on the creative process; generate new writing; and geek out on poetry in general. This group is intended to provide a supportive, inspiring context in which to dive deeper into the heart of the poetic voice (our own and others), and to encourage each other’s work and creativity.

Jillian Hanson



**Scarborough Teen Writers Group
Scarborough Library is pleased to announce a teen fall and winter writing program for grades 6-12, offered in collaboration with Portland Writers Group Maine. The program will meet at the Scarborough Public Library, 48 Gorham Road, Scarborough, ME the 4th Monday of every month from 3:30-5:00 PM, starting Monday, September 26th. Teen writers will have the chance to receive feedback on their work and comment on the writing of the other members of the group. All genres are welcome, including fantasy, sci-fi, poetry, and nonfiction. Each meeting will include a short session on topics such as point of view, voice, characterization, and critiquing skills. Writers are encouraged to submit pieces of their writing for review at meetings through File submission guidelines:

Renee Cote


Portland Environmental & Nature Writers Group
This group is for writers of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir (and more!), who address themes of the environment, nature, and relationship to place in their work. We meet on the 4th Monday of the month, from 7-8:30pm. Please contact Chelsea for more information.

Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder


Margaret Creighton
Looking for experienced Historical Fiction and Historical Nonfiction writers in the Yarmouth environs (Portland to Brunswick) who want to meet regularly for support and critique.

Margaret Creighton

Hancock County


Write On!
Meets at the Jesup Memorial Library, 34 Mount Desert St., Bar Harbor, on Thursday nights, 6-8 p.m. and Saturday mornings, 9-11 a.m. All genres, all welcome.

Melinda Rice, Director of Development and Communications,


Deer Isle Writers’ Group
Members of the Deer Isle Writers’ Groups have gathered regularly for more than twenty years to encourage and support one another in improving their writing skills. Meetings are held in the homes of members on Tuesday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., and on alternate Tuesday evenings from 6:45 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. These meetings are open to prospective new members and guests. The first part of the meeting of the morning group is spent writing either work-in-progress or newly inspired prose or poetry. Members may then choose to read their work and receive critiques from their fellow writers. Our evening group is a critique group and members bring copies of their writing to share with each member present (usually 8–10 copies). Writing may be a poems or 3–4 pages of prose. Special arrangements are sometimes made to present longer works in progress. The groups have self-edited and published two anthologies: Eggemoggin Reach Review: Volume I and Volume II. In addition, members have had their works chosen for publication both in print and online or self-published.

Brenda Gilchrist

Kennebec County


Ted Bookey
A group of Maine poets that meets monthly for more than five years and usually has about ten members. Meets on a Saturday. Group is by invitation only.

Ted Bookey

Readfield Writers’ Group
This fun, encouraging group meets Sunday nights in Readfield, Maine, for impromptu writing, readings, discussion of craft, and the thoughtful critique of work submitted in advance. Membership is limited.

Lenore Bayne

Knox County


Kathrin Seitz
Intermediate fiction writers or memoir/non-fiction writers

Kathrin Seitz

Oxford County


Rumford Writers Group
Meets the first Monday of each month from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. All genres.

Brenda Espinoza

Penobscot County


K.A.G. Moran
All writers who want to write, pitch, and publish their creative non-fiction, memoir, or personal essays.

K.A.G. Moran

Maureen Walsh
I am looking for others who love poetry and would like to get together for sharing etc. and doing some readings in the area.

Maureen Walsh

Piscataquis County


Monson Writers Alliance
The Monson Writers Alliance* is a group of central Maine writers committed to mutual support and encouragement to all members. We will be meeting weekly on Monday evenings starting in December. Meetings are in Monson from 6:oo PM to 8:30 PM. We meet to provide technical advice and editing suggestions on individual members’ writings. From beginners to seasoned professionals the objective of the group is to increase our writing skills and support each other in our quest for the best. Each meeting we will critique a member’s writing round-robin-style, that had been supplied the week before. This is a working group for the serious writer, the poet, storyteller, and wordsmith of any kind. The group is open to all.

Kevin Tremblay

*This group is not formally affiliated with the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance

Waldo County


Cheryl Fuller
Women only, open to all nonfiction, including memoir.

Cheryl Fuller

Poets’ Table
Meets on the first and third Wednesdays of each month, usually at the Belfast Historical Museum, though occasionally at a member’s home, to share work and discuss how to strengthen it with an eye towards publication. Membership is currently at five and capped at seven.   We are looking for fellow poets who read widely enough to be conversant with the contemporary poetry scene, write regularly with the aim of publication, consider revision to be part of the writing process, and are able to contribute to a respectful discussion of someone else’s work, identifying its strengths first. In our five years of existence we have given two public readings.

Karie Friedman

Washington County


**Valerie Lawson
My partner Michael and I facilitate two writers groups downeast, one every other Thursday and another every other Saturday, 1-3:30 pm at the Cobscook Community Learning Center in Trescott. Both groups are mixed, with poets and prose writers. The Thursday group has been meeting for two years now and the Saturday group (which developed because the Thursday group was overflowing!) will celebrate its first anniversary in July. There is space available in both groups.

Valerie Lawson

York County

Southern Maine Writers’ Group
We are an active writing group that gathers to write, read, discuss,
and reach our individual goals. Our primary focus is fiction writing
specifically Romance, YA and NA, but will accept all genre’s including
erotica. We have a lively Facebook group and welcome new members.

We get together once per month to share our writing projects in person.
Our gathering locations vary each month and range from South Portland,
Biddeford/Saco, Sanford, and Waterboro. We also alternate between
weekdays and weekends.

Jaclyn Roché


The Kennebunk Writers
This group meets monthly at the Kennebunk Free Library. We are a small group and currently there are no openings. Genre is limited to prose, fiction, and nonfiction.

David Morse


I’m interested in forming a group of 4-5 members. Short fiction is my personal focus, but all genres of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry are welcomed with the exception of erotica and overly graphic and gratuitous violence. Monthly meetings of 1.5 – 2.0 hours to discuss each other’s work, which will be made available pre-meeting via email attachment, Dropbox, etc. No need to have published, but an interest in developing writing skills with that goal in mind is preferred.

Rick Forbess


Ben Morong
Interested in forming a group to meet and critique each other’s work, located from York to Kennebunk. I write some short and some flash fiction. Fiction, non-fiction and poetry welcome.

Ben Morong

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We are sincerely grateful to Hannah Perry for all the hard work she put in to launch this project. We also want to thank Molly Antonio, Micheal Frier, Brianna Gigelow, and Shiobhan Smith for their assistance in compiling the directory.