MWPA_white_200The web seals below are for current MWPA members only—please respect this policy. The seals were created for all members who want to publicly acknowledge their affiliation with, and their support of, the MWPA. In addition, by posting the MWPA member seal on your website, and linking the image back to the MWPA website (, you will be helping to raise the profile of our organization and strengthen our growing network of members, partners, and connections.

*Please note that the MWPA cannot provide any technical or website support for the seals. Members are responsible for embedding the seals into their own website or working with their website developer to integrate the seals.

To embed the seals into your website, please closely follow the directions below:

STEP 1: Select the appropriately colored seal for your site by clicking on one of the options below (the seals will appear). The seals come in two colors: white features on a blue background and blue features on a white background. For websites with darker backgrounds, the white seal may work best; for sites with white backgrounds, either seal should work well.

STEP 2: Select the appropriate size for your site, which will largely depend on where you choose to place the seal. For most sites, the footer will be the best location for the seal; on other sites, the seal may work best in a sidebar or on the author bio page. The seals come in three sizes, but they can be downsized if needed. The seals are available in three sizes: 300 x 300 pixels, 200 x 200 pixels, and 150 x 150 pixels. Do not increase image size (which will deteriorate quality) or use a seal smaller than 150 x 150 pixels (since it will become illegible to many visitors).

STEP 3: Download the seal to your computer by right-clicking on the desired image and size, and selecting the download option. Depending on the operating system and browser you are using, downloading options may vary. The seals are image files, which means that you can download them like you would any photo or image on the internet.

STEP 4: Once the seal has been uploaded to your website and placed in your chosen location, you can link it to the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance homepage (, which will help visitors find the MWPA. If you encounter difficulties with uploading or placement, please contact your webmaster or website developer.

STEP 5: This is important! Make sure the image is in focus and not distorted. All seals are in a .png file format. Please make sure that the resolution and aspect ratio are correct when using the member seals. If the image is blurry, reduce the image size or download a larger file size (*image dimensions should not exceed the indicated size or they will lose resolution and become blurry/out-of-focus). If the image appears warped, distorted, or stretched out, check the aspect ratio to make sure that the vertical and horizontal dimensions are the same. Finally, when placing the seals into your website, make sure to leave adequate spacing between the image and any adjacent text, borders, or images. For most websites, a minimum horizontal and vertical spacing of 10 pixels around the image is recommended (see the seal above for an example of appropriate white space).

White Member Seals

Blue Member Seals