moon-pieHow did you get your name?
Moon Pie Press got its name because the co-founders wanted something reflecting our southern roots that was kind of poetic. Not all Yankees know what a moon pie is, so we thought the name would be kind of an ice-breaker.

Along with publication, you also serve as a resource for artists. How have you been able to incorporate multiple art forms into the organization of one company?
One of the most fun parts of publishing poetry books for me is the design component, and using art to make a beautiful book. The poet is encouraged to supply artwork or photography that has meaning to him or her, but sometimes the editor gets to choose.  I work with a graphic designer who helps me put together books.  I like to use art by Maine artists whenever possible.

Is there an event, publication, or any kind of change happening in the next year that you are particularly excited about and would like to share?
Moon Pie Press has published 91 books in 13 years. I am particularly proud of the 9 anthologies we have published, which vary a lot in theme. Please note that we turn down many more books than we publish. I feel that I will never run out of excellent poetry books to publish. We have published books from poets all over the U.S. and will continue to do so.

Moon Pie Press
16 Walton Street
Westbrook, ME 04092