gooseGoose River Press publishes an annual anthology of poetry, essays and short stories. Are there any qualities or topics that are a common thread in each year’s edition?
Goose River Press has been publishing the anthology since 2003. The Goose River Anthology, 2017 (postmark deadline of April 30th) is our 15th annual—and we are very proud of that. We have published hundreds of first-time authors as well as seasoned writers through our anthologies and full-length books. I would not say that we have a common theme in any of our editions; however, we do gravitate toward material that is patriotic, historical, funny, or pulls at the heartstrings. We strive to keep the work family friendly so we try to keep the work as clean as possible without sacrificing the integrity of the voice.

What is the story behind the press’s name? Is there a real Goose river?
Yes, Goose River is very close to Goose River Press. Deborah J. Benner’s family came from one side of the river and her husband’s family came from the other. They chose to raise their family on the river as well, so it has great personal significance to her family.

Owner/editor Deborah J. Benner has been working the publishing field for twice as long as the press has been in existence. What did she do prior to starting Goose River? What sparked the press’s formation?
Deborah J. Benner began working for Northwoods Press in 1985. She began her family in 1990 while continuing to work for Northwoods Press on a part-time basis. In 1999, she chose to leave the company and created Goose River Press.

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