In 2013, the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance launched Find Maine Writers, a website dedicated to profiling Maine’s many diverse and talented writers, publicizing their work and accomplishments, and connecting them with readers, editors, literary agents, publishers, and potential employers.

All writers featured on Find Maine Writers need to be current MWPA members at the $55 or above level. The MWPA’s basic annual membership fee is $45. The additional $10 contributed by profiled writers helps the MWPA offset the costs associated with hosting, improving, and maintaining this site, which includes processing submissions and updating profiles. Our theory of action: Each profiled writer contributes a small amount, and everyone gets to benefit from the collective investment.

If you are a current member who needs to increase your membership level, you have two options:

Membership Renewal (*Recommended): If you are already a current MWPA member at a level below $55, but you would like to be profiled on Find Maine Writers before your membership is due for renewal, you can extend your membership, at any time, for another year. For example, if you are six months into your annual $45 membership, you can extend your membership for another year—an additional twelve months on top of the remaining six months—at the $55 or above level. Once your $55 membership renewal has been processed, you can submit your profile. This policy, while it will apply unevenly to current members, was created to simplify and expedite the process. If you are only a month or two into a $45 membership, you might consider voluntarily adding an additional $5 or $10 to your membership renewal out of consideration for other members.

Additional Payment: If you are currently at the $45 membership level, you can send the MWPA an additional payment of $10 or more. The MWPA prefers the membership renewal option above because it reduces the time and costs associated with membership processing. If you choose to send us an additional payment, you can do so by phone, mail, or Paypal.

To make either a Membership Renewal or Additional Payment, please follow the directions on our Join & Renew page.

All questions related to Find Maine Writers should be emailed to Assistant Director Stephen Abbott: