Ex_Libris_MaineEvery month, the MWPA sends out an e-newsletter called Ex Libris Maine, which exclusively profiles recently released books by MWPA members. The newsletter is sent to a large group of recipients, including our entire MWPA membership and numerous literary organizations, bookstores, libraries, and media outlets. Inclusion in Ex Libris Maine is free for individual members submitting their own books. Publisher members may submit any and all books they publish.*


1. DETAILS & SYNOPSIS To submit a book to Ex Libris Maine, please send the following information in an attached Word or in the body of an email.

GENRE (*Select one of the following genres only: Fiction, Crime Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Nonfiction, Memoir, Poetry, Children’s, Young Readers/Young Adult, Anthology)
AUTHOR (*If submitting under Anthology, please list the editor only)
PUBLISHER (*Please give specific imprint)
WEBSITE LINK (Please send one URL for either the author’s or publisher’s website)
SYNOPSIS (Please send a professionally written and carefully edited synopsis of no more than 150 words)

2. IMAGE Please send a JPEG (not PDF) of the front book cover that is at least 150 pixels wide as a separate attachment. This should not be a photo of the physical book; it should be an image of the cover as shown on, for example, Amazon

3. SUBMIT The two items above should be attached and sent in a single email to info@mainewriters.org with the subject line “Ex Libris Maine Submission.”

4. *IMPORTANT NOTE Ex Libris Maine is a members-only benefit and exclusively features books published within the current month or the two previous months—for example, the March edition can feature titles published in March as well as February and January. In order to maintain Ex Libris Maine as a resource for newly released titles, we are not able to include books older than this window of time. Ex Libris Maine is published on the last Monday of each month; submissions for each month must be received by 10:00 AM on the Tuesday prior to the last Monday of the month to qualify for inclusion in a given month’s edition.

QUESTIONS If you have any questions, please contact Hannah Perry at perry@mainewriters.org