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Date & Time: Tuesday, October 9 | Doors 6:00 p.m. | Event 7:00 p.m.
Location: USM’s Glickman Library, Portland

Vol. 2 GOODMWPA Executive Director Joshua Bodwell has edited a three-volume collection of the short stories and novellas of Andre Dubus. On October 9, Ann Beattie and Richard Russo—who contributed introductions to volume 1 and 2—will discuss and read from Dubus’s work with Bodwell. The new collections have been released by Dubus’s longtime publisher, Boston-based David R. Godine:

WE DON’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE Collected Andre Dubus Vol. 1
Introduction by Ann Beattie

THE WINTER FATHER Collected Andre Dubus Vol. 2
Introduction by Richard Russo

THE CROSS COUNTRY RUNNER Collected Andre Dubus Vol. 3
Introduction by Tobias Wolff

Andre Dubus (1936–1999) is considered among the most talented American short story writers of his generation. Born and raised in Louisiana, he spent his adult life living and teaching in blue-collar mill towns in northern New England.

Dubus’s short stories and essays appeared in distinguished literary journals and magazines across the country, and were selected for numerous editions of the Best American Short Stories series, as well as the O. Henry Awards and Pushcart Prize anthologies. Dubus’s work earned him MacArthur and Guggenheim fellowships, the PEN/Malamud Award for Excellence in the Short Story, the Rea Award for the Short Story, the Jean Stein Award of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and nominations for a National Book Critics Circle Award and Pulitzer Prize.

In addition to seven collections of stories and novellas, Dubus published one novel and two collections of essays. The award-winning films In the Bedroom and We Don’t Live Here Anymore were adapted from his stories.

Dubus is buried in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Ann Beattie is an award-winning author whose fiction—especially her short stories—helped defined her generation when it began appearing in the mid-1970s. Her most recent book The Accomplished Guest, features recent O. Henry, Pushcart Prize, and Best American Short Story selections.

Richard Russo is the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of novels such as Empire Falls, the memoir Elsewhere, the recent short story collection Trajectory, and recent essay collection, The Destiny Thief: Essays on Writing, Writers and Life.


Andre Dubus’s brilliant stories are so full of compassion and humor, heartache and desire, violence and tenderness, that, reading them, it’s impossible not to see the most secret and shameful parts of our own lives reflected back at us. I can think of few writers whose stories are so profoundly moving that I find myself responding to them both viscerally and intellectually—sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, page by page. These beautiful new editions triumphantly showcase stories by one of the greatest writers America has ever produced.
— Molly Antopol, National Book Foundation “5 Under 35” Award winner

Dubus is a patient, resourceful and profound writer who never gives in to convention—although his situations are our situations, and imminently recognizable. The great, addictive pleasure of reading him arises from our anticipation that he is always going to say something interesting.
— Richard Ford, Pulitzer Prize winner

Andre Dubus reminds you that writing at its essence is an act of love, a love for others and for all the details of this strange life. He does not pose or trick or flash. He never dwells at the surface. He has the patience and the generosity and the need to go only to the depths, with only one interest: the human soul. I was raised on the stories of Andre Dubus. I have read many of them over and over and over. The light is brighter every time.
— Lily King, Kirkus Prize for Fiction

The stories and novellas of Andre Dubus, including those contained in this volume, represent art of the highest order.  An exhilarating and ineffable beauty shines through each quiet sentence, each exact clause, each scrap of dialogue, each modestly apt adjective.  The beauty is astonishing.  The beauty makes me glad I’m alive.
— Tim O’Brien, National Book Award winner

That Andre Dubus is up there with the short story immortals now—Welty, Hemingway, Gallant—is indisputable. But read a Dubus story and you don’t think much about the brilliance of the craft because you’re too busy becoming immersed in the lives of his characters and you come to know them as you might your sister or your brother, your son or your daughter. He goes that deep into the souls of his people, and just when you think he can’t go deeper, a sentence will leave you shattered. Love was his great subject and to my mind few have explored love’s mysteries with as much generosity. Can one writer’s words make us more human? The words of Andre Dubus can—and do.
— Peter Orner, National Book Critics Circle Awards finalist

To enter the work of Dubus is to be hurtled inside a world so deeply that one knows these people immediately. He always delivers; bam! Story after story will blow you away; his honesty is terrifying and liberating. There is no one like him; he is inimitable.
— Elizabeth Strout, Pulitzer Prize winner

This event is co-sponsored by the MWPA thanks in part to the support of the Kirby Family Foundation.