Wiggins Head Shot BWJoin the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance on Saturday, March 15 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Bangor Public Library for ASIDE: A Citizen’s Forum on Literary Particulars, Vol. 4 and “Mastering Your Muse: Strategies and Software for Shaping Inspirationwith Bryan Wiggins. This event is free and open to the public.

The search for story can be a long and lonely journey. Ad-man, artist, and writer Bryan Wiggins will show Aside Vol. 4 attendees how his right/left brain creative and analytical skills led him to the teacher and technology that allowed him to tame his novel in progress.

Wiggins’s “Mastering Your Muse: Strategies and Software for Shaping Inspiration” presentation will take attendees through his use of the writing programs “Scrivener,” and “Aeon Timeline” to apply story structures principles learned from writing guru Larry Brooks, the author of Story Engineering and Story Physics. An examination of the chaptered divisions of Wiggins’s manuscript will reveal his use of tools like the split-screen views, graphical chronologies and hierarchical “binder” view of evolving content that allows him to toggle between the macro and micro perspectives essential for shaping large-scale work. If you’ve ever struggled to find your place within the world or your novel or just need a simple strategy for adding form and focus to your work, this presentation is for you.

Bryan Wiggins is an advertising agency creative director and freelance writer and illustrator. His illustrated personal essays have appeared in Canoe & Kayak and Sea Kayaker.  He also hosts “The Pine Cone Writers’ Den” a group of Southern Maine writers who meet monthly to workshop their essays, short stories and novels. His website is: wigginscreative.com

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