FINALISTS for the 2018 Maine Literary Awards

Book Award for Fiction
What Longfellow Heard Jon Nappa
The Girl of the Lake Bill Roorbach

Book Award for Crime Fiction
Death Warmed Over Kate Flora
Wendigo Vaughn Hardacker
Deadly Trespass Sandra Neily

Book Award for Speculative Fiction
American Ghost Paul Guernsey
Caveman at the End of the World Brad Rau

Book Award for Nonfiction
Blazing Ahead Jeffrey H. Ryan
The Passion of Perfection June Vail

Book Award for Memoir
Settling Twice Deborah Joy Corey
I Know it in My Heart Mary E. Plouffe

Book Award for Poetry
The Unfastening Wesley McNair
Lesser Eternities Jim Glenn Thatcher

Book Award for Young People’s Literature
The Rattled Bones S.M. Parker
The Glass Town Game Catherynne M. Valente

Book Award for Children’s
Do Seals Ever…? Fran Hodgkins
Princess Sophie and the Six Swans Kim Jacobs

Book Award for Anthology (Editors)
Northern Frights David Price (Editor)
Sparks The Telling Room (Editors)

John N. Cole Award for Maine-themed Nonfiction
Where Edges Don’t Hold Christina Marsden Gillis
How to Eat Green Crab Oliver Curtis

Excellence in Publishing
Green Plate Special Christine Burns Rudalevige (Islandport Press)
A Man for All Oceans Stan Grayson (Tilbury House Publishers)

Drama Award (for film, theater, and other scripts)
Kathy M. Hooke, Martha Rice

Short Works Competition, Fiction
Anne Elliott, Jefferson Navicky

Short Works Competition, Nonfiction:
Sarah Kilch Gaffney, Penny Guisinger

Short Works Competition, Poetry:
Jefferson Navicky, William Varner

Youth Competition, Fiction:
Lexie Bugbee, Sarah Dressel

Youth Competition, Nonfiction:
Marisa Mizzoni, Mahnaz Seddiqi

Youth Competition, Poetry:
Makena Deveraux, Anita Woofender